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Abiding Presence

Life’s circumstances can sometimes affect us so deeply that it’s difficult to shake off the slippery slope towards the darkest depths of despair. Maybe the incident brought about gut-wrenching pain, mindboggling frustration or even caused the death of a dream. It’s in those moments when we must stand on our faith with courage and grace, fighting with all that we are and all that we … Continue reading Abiding Presence


Happy Intercessor

I can think of a slew of books written on prayer and intercession but the best one I’ve ever come across is Beni Johnson’s The Happy Intercessor (click to purchase).  Beni takes readers on a humorous and insightful journey to unlock the mysteries of intercession, which is simply praying as a mediator in agreement with Jesus, pleading on behalf of someone or something to be … Continue reading Happy Intercessor